What Causes Uneven Skin Tone

What Causes Uneven Skin Tone

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An uneven skin tone consists of various signs like hyperpigmentation, inflammation & slowed skin recovery. This can be further affected by other skin issues like breakouts, scars, age & excess sebum production. 
The biggest step to fixing a problem is by first understanding it, here are some of the most common causes of uneven skin tone & what you can do about it. 

Sun Exposure

In Malaysia, we are blessed with beautiful sunshine 365 days of the year but this is one of the most common causes of darker or uneven skin tone. 
Ultraviolet (UV) light rays can cause the melanocytes in our body to produce excess melanin. The production of melanin is healthy & is done to protect our skin but often, it is produced in high numbers for more than is necessary. Which leads to darker skin tones like brown spots. 
We can still have lighter skin without risking our skin from sun damage by using certain ingredients & keeping our skin in a healthy state.


This is one of the hidden causes of skin damage & hyperpigmentation. There are many studies that show pollution to be linked to many other skin conditions other than including acne, premature skin aging, and even eczema. 
How this works is the dirt & pollutant particles the air are able to penetrate the skin membrane and diffuse into our system just like the air we breath. Once inside our bodies these pollutants start to cause oxidative stress and cause our natural levels of antioxidants to be affected.


Common signs of skin effects from hormones is melasma & rosacea. They are hyperpigmentation that are caused by increased hormone stimulation. These conditions are most commonly experienced by women who are pregnant or if you are actively taking birth control medication. 
How it works is the hormonal changes can affect the normal levels of melanin in our body. Melanin production is a response by our body to protect the skin or a natural attempt to heal itself, so excess pigmentation can be caused due to overproduction of melanin. 


It is also called “Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation”. Our skin naturally produces melanin when our skin is injured by scarring or any other damage. Another common cause are acne scars. They commonly appear as dark spots in the previous area of skin damage due to inflammation caused by acne scars or scratching/popping your pimples. 
They usually appear in flat, dark brown, red, gray, black, pink, or purple color. 

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