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Acne Repair Kit Benefits of Acne Repair Kit
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Acne Repair Starter Acne Repair Starter
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Brightening Face Creme Brightening Face Creme
Instant Pore Eraser Instant Pore Eraser
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Triple Action Serum Triple Action Serum
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Soothing Facial Cleanser Soothing Facial Cleanser
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Water Gel UV Sunscreen Water Gel UV Sunscreen
Brightening Body Creme Brightening Body Creme
Gentle Cleansing Gel Gentle Cleansing Gel
Heartleaf Acne Defence Toner Heartleaf Acne Defence Toner
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Barrier Glow Kit Barrier Glow Kit
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Barrier Health Starter Kit Barrier Health Starter Kit
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Barrier Essentials Kit Barrier Essentials Kit
Plantinol Barrier Cream Plantinol Barrier Cream
Acne Treatment Collection
Say goodbye to acne worries with NIHON's gentle, science-infused formulations. We understand the importance of maintaining essential moisture for your skin. That's why we prioritise the delicate balance of moisture and oil, avoiding harsh, drying ingredients that can lead to overproduction of oil. Through a blend of science and natural extracts, we address acne at its root cause, ensuring you have a clear and radiant complexion. We unlock the potency of nature-inspired ingredients such as Arbutin, Vitamin C, and more - leading to transformative changes with effective, powerful skincare solutions.

NIHON's unique formulations artfully blend science and natural extracts to treat the root cause - simplifying your routine with hydrating, healing solutions. Designed for South-East Asian climates, the lightweight textures and soothing botanicals like Green Tea and Aloe Vera effectively address acne in hot and humid conditions.

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NIHON is filled with natural safe ingredients for all skin types which I have seen transformative result to my complexion and completes my self love ritual.

Natasha Hudson (@natashahudsonofficial)