Beauty Battle: J-Beauty Vs K-Beauty

Beauty Battle: J-Beauty Vs K-Beauty

What's the difference between J-beauty and K-beauty? Japanese beauty is minimalist yet effectively, gives you flawless and soft skin like mochi. Korean beauty came out with the trend of 10 steps skincare routine to achieve glass and clear skin. Which beauty trend do you prefer? Mochi skin or glass skin?

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The beauty industry has expanded for the past few years with many new technologies introduced to produce more quality ingredients as well as to invent smart beauty tools. This revolution resulted in the rapid growth of many beauty brands around the world. The competition is insane both in retail and on the eCommerce platform.

However, the most trendy and popular in the beauty industry are J-Beauty and K-beauty. They are always one step ahead when it comes to skincare. But, how can you tell the difference between these two? Let's dive deeper into this.

Japanese beauty: Minimalist yet effective

The concept of Japanese skincare is simplicity. It is more straightforward to achieve what the skin needs. Let's start with the product ingredients. In order to produce effective skincare products, the Japanese focus more on high-quality ingredients that are scientifically proven yet while maintaining the traditional and cultural heritage. This is to ensure the product quality gives long-lasting benefits.

As for skin texture, the Japanese have their own goal to achieve mochi-hada (mochi skin) which is their desire to have healthy, flawless, and plump skin, just like the much loved Japanese dessert, mochi! Smooth matte surface and bouncy texture, just like a baby soft skin.

Even when the Japanese do their makeup, they prefer to keep their natural skin tone, rather than wear a lighter or darker foundation.

Next, the most exciting part is…. skincare steps! As mentioned earlier, J-beauty put more emphasis on a minimalist and effortless skincare regime. But, don't get me wrong. Even with simpler steps, it can deliver a long-term effect to the skin. For instance, key ingredients like Kojic Acid and Green Tea extract have been using widely in Japanese products that give great result to the skin.

The Japanese skincare steps mostly consist of the basic step - like cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. For additional steps, they sometimes use hydrating toner and serum. The weekly regime includes exfoliate the skin and face masks. They enjoy simple steps mostly because Japanese products are multi-purpose, one product can help with many skin issues.

The best thing about J-Beauty? It’s mostly suited for all skin types and can save up your time.

An example like the NIHON skin that has a simple skincare routine suitable for working ladies, stay-at-home mums or even men. People who do not have too much time to spare for their beauty regime. 

Korean Beauty: Strive for the glass skin

When it comes to Korea, it's always about fanciness from fashion, food to beauty products. Not to forget how fancy their products' packaging which are mostly colorful and Instagram-worthy to attract their consumers. Korean beauty usually keeping up with the trend and become a modern skincare innovation. Their R&D creatively discovers new skincare ingredients, formulas, and textures. If you are familiar with Korean Beauty, you must know their popular ingredients like Snail Mucin, Bee Venom, Centella Asiatica, and many others.

Glass skin is the most significant when it comes to K-Beauty. It has been a dream for Korean Beauty lovers to achieve flawless, dewy, glass-looking skin which explains the endless amount of hydrating ingredients in their skincare. Not just skincare, even in makeup technique they prefer a dewy finishing rather than matte finishing.

However, to have glass skin is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort to spend your money and time to maintain a daily 10 steps skincare routine. Sounds ridiculous? Not for Korean women as this consider their daily routine. Some ladies even go to the extreme perform 15 skincare steps. The K-Beauty trend has become popular over the past few years and has been discussed all around social media.

So what are the K-Beauty 10 skincare steps?
1) Double cleanse
2) Toner
3) Essence
4) Emulsion
5) Serum/ampoule
6) Sheet mask
7) Eye cream
8) Moisturizer
9) Sunscreen for daytime
10) Sleeping mask for night time

To see all these steps is quite exciting right? But do remember, if you are layering it wrongly, it can clog pores and lead to a breakout or can make your skin oilier especially if you live in a tropical country. Thus, do remember to study the product first and understand how each product can help and if they are suitable to your skin type.

Which one wins the battle?

Beauty is subjective. It is you who define your own beauty. There is no right or wrong in determining your skincare routine whether you follow J-Beauty or K-Beauty, as long as it is safe for your skin and follows proper steps, then you are good to go.

"Most important about caring for your skin is to stay informed and finding what works for you" - Dr Ingky, Medii Skin Studio.

So, do not just follow the popular beauty trend. Instead, it is important to have the knowledge in finding skincare that best suits your skin type.