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 1. Is this product available in other places than Malaysia?

  • Yes. NIHON has shipped to many different countries world wide including Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, UK, Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan etc.
  • Brunei & Singapore - Kindly proceed to purchase directly on our website. Please contact us if you have difficulty with shipping / delivery address and we will guide you through.
  • Other countries - Please provide us your full address and product to purchase. We will calculate the shipping fee and assist you in the purchasing process. Please be advised that there taxation is dependent on your country of residence and additional tax may be levied by the customs separately.
2. How long does shipping take?
  • Kindly ensure your shipping address is accurate, as we don’t allow amendments after your order number is generated.
  • We try our best to prepare your orders and send them out as soon as we can but orders will only be shipped every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during working days and hours.
  • Shipping duration varies depending on the location:
    • West Malaysia: estimated 4-5 days
    • East Malaysia: estimated 6-9 days
    • Outside Malaysia: Please contact us at
  • We hope our beloved customers might note that NIHON skin does not represent courier companies, and as much as we hope for parcels to arrive on time, parcels can suffer delays beyond our control. However, please be rest assured that we are on your side and will help in any way we can.
  • During peak periods, there may be some delay in shipping. Please bear with us due to large volume of orders, transaction and availability issues.
3. What if I want to get a refund?
4. Do you sell Sunblock, Sunscreen, Tidact, Adapalene or other skin related products?
  • only sells and promoted NIHON products. For other skin related products, you could visit or other websites to purchase.
Product Related FAQ
1. Are there any banned skin whitening substances in the product?
  • No. This product is registered and approved by the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia (KKM). It is also recommended by a skin dermatologist and is safe to be used.
2. Are there any side effect after applying?
  • There is no side effect under normal condition of use. Should you experience redness or itchiness, stop using this product and consult your dermatologist. Discontinue usage if you are sensitive to any ingredients on the label. Please DM us on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp us at +6017 708 8373 if you have any concerns.
3. Will my skin become dull and dark when I stop applying NIHON products?
  • Your skin will be brighter and fairer when you are using NIHON products. If you stop using, you will need to continue to take care of your skin and avoid harsh sunlight. Otherwise, the skin condition will slowly return to dull and dark skin if you do not take care.
4. Is this product safe for young adult and elderly?
  • The product is safe to be used for both young and old.
5. Is this product suitable for men too?
  • Yes. Our product is suitable for both men and women.
6. Is it safe for long term usage?
  • Yes.
7. What is the difference between NIHON Brightening Face Creme and NIHON Night Repair Creme?
  • Night Repair creme is good for people with ageing skin, melasma, pigmentation, deep acne scars, dry skin and wants anti-ageing and skin brightening effect.
  • Brightening face creme is good for people who wants to reduce acne, reduce acne scars and pigments. It is great for brightening up the skin.
  • When used together the Brightening effect, scar reducing effect and even out skin tone effect is the best
8. How do I know which product is suitable for my skin?
  • This guide will advice you which NIHON product is suitable for your skin type and skin condition
10. What is NIHON Brightening Body Creme for?
  • NIHON Brightening body creme is for body brightening
- Whole body + All parts.
- Arms
- Legs
- Neck
- Inner thigh
- Armpit
- Elbow
- Knee
- Any dark spots on body
  • It's suitable for any body parts u want to lighten (except lips and vagina)
11. What are the instructions for use for NIHON Brightening Face Creme?
  • NIHON Brightening Face Creme is easy and simple to use.
  • Cleanse face and dry thoroughly.
  • Use toner, serum, facial oil, essence (If any)
  • Apply 1-2 pumps NIHON Brightening Face Creme evenly all over your face, eye contours and neck twice daily. 
  • You may use as much or as little depending on the severity of the skin. You may apply thicker on problem areas (e.g. acne, acne scar, pigments) like a spot creme
  • Once absorbed into the skin, apply your regular sunblock and regular makeup routine.
  • 1-2 times daily application is advised.
12. What are the instructions for use for NIHON Brightening Body Creme?
  • NIHON Brightening Body Creme is  also easy and simple to use.
  • After bath, apply generously twice daily.
  • Massage in circular motions until absorbed.
  • Apply more for better results.
  • Twice daily application is advised