NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser: Best gentle cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin

NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser: Best gentle cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin

The first step in skincare has always been to cleanse your face. It is very crucial for everyone, especially when you have oily skin. Your face needs to be cleaned before proceeding to the next step. By cleansing, you remove impurities, dirt, and oil so that the rest of the skincare steps can absorb better into your skin. Although it seems easy and straightforward, it does help for you to have beautiful, glowing skin by doing it the right way. And of course, your skin barrier can be messed up pretty badly if you do it in the wrong way.

So what are the cleansing tips for you to get the best result?

1. Only cleanse twice a day

When you have oily skin, the feeling to cleanse your face every minute is high. It is so frustrating to bear with the oiliness and sebum. However, no matter how uncomfortable it feels, generally, you only need to wash your face twice a day - in the morning and before going to sleep. Over-cleansing will strip the skin by removing the natural sebum that the skin needs. Yes, your skin still needs sebum to maintain its bounciness and plumpiness.

2. Follow the 60-seconds rule

If you have been on Social Media or following the skincare gurus, you probably saw the trend of the 60-second cleansing rule. So what's about it? It is super easy! You only need to cleanse your skin for 60 seconds. Well, it is not just pointless hype. When you rub your face for 60 seconds, you will be getting the lather into your pores, where it can reduce the amount of oil on your skin. During cleansing, it dilutes the sebum and oils on your face so you can rinse it away.

3. Use a gentle cleanser

Dealing with oily skin is a full-time job. Sometimes you want the sebum to just dissappear. However, it is important to preserve enough sebum for your skin to stay healthy and maintain its bounciness. That's the point of a mild cleanser! It removes the dirt and oil without eliminating the skin moisture, unlike a harsh soap. Thus, preventing your skin from drying out and becoming vulnerable to irritants.

Now, how do you choose the cleanser that suits perfectly for oily and acne-prone skin?

The first important thing in cleansing is to choose the right cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Acne cleansers are specially designed for acne-prone skin to help prevent breakouts without damaging the skin. So how to choose the best cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Choose a cleanser that doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
  • Look for an ingredient that helps with acne.
  • Make sure the pH level is around 4.5 - 7 pH value.
  • Apply a moisturizer after you finish cleansing and when your skin is damp.

So what cleanser should you use? Which one is the best for your skin?

To make it easier, we suggest the NIHON Soothing Face Cleanser!

NIHON Soothing Face Cleanser provides a deep and gentle cleansing that relaxes and soothes your skin. With 6 pH value, it works by removing any impurities and excess sebum from your pores with a hydrating finish to your skin. So your skin won't get that dry and tight feeling after cleansing! It's not just that. You can get a fresh and calming sensation during cleansing because NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser contains Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil.

Let's read more on what makes NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser a good cleanser!

i) Sodium Hyaluronate

The best hydrating ingredient goes to Sodium Hyaluronate! Acting as a water reservoir in the skin to regulate the moisture content, Sodium Hyaluronate hydrates the skin from the underlying layer. The job is easy. Sodium Hyaluronate works by pulling moisture from the air into the skin, meanwhile binding with a water molecule from the cell and drawing the water into the epidermis layer. The perks for oily skin? It prevents oily skin from becoming dehydrated and soothes skin inflammation by promoting tissue repair.

ii) Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract)

As much as green tea benefits our body by drinking it, it also works the best to maintain the skin's health. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, also contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. All of these properties have shown improvement in treating acne and oily skin. Not only does it help with acne and make the skin younger, but it also has the potential to prevent melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.

iii) Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus Extract)

Ever wonder where your skin color comes from? Melanin is the type of pigment that gives color to the skin, produced by an enzyme called Tyrosinase. The more pigments you have, the darker the skin. So when it comes to skincare, Mushroom will be an Anti-Tyrosinase that works to inhibit the melanin production for your skin. Also, it supports your skin healing function by soothing any inflammation or damage.

iv) Peppermint (Haplocalyx Briq)

Is peppermint oil an ingredient that should belong in your skincare routine? Well, peppermint not only gives the best flavor in chewing gum there are also many benefits for including peppermint in skincare! So, how does peppermint help with acne? Peppermint oil has antimicrobial properties that can help to kill P.acne bacteria on the skin. The menthol in peppermint also provides a mild irritation relief. So enjoy the calming sensation when you’re experiencing a painful breakout.Β 

v) Tea Tree Oil

We all know the most popular oil that can effectively treat acne is the one and only Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil calms redness, swelling, and inflammation with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. With consistent use within a few days, it also even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving smooth and flawless skin that you need!

Wait no more, let's include NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser in your cleansing routine as a primary step in your journey to achieve that soft-mochi skin!

Want to know more about NIHON Soothing Facial Cleanser and how to use it? Watch our Youtube video now!

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