Having acne? What are the things you should avoid?

Having acne? What are the things you should avoid?

The most important thing in treating acne is not about diminishing it, but it is about preventing it from becoming worse. Acne may cause so much frustration to some people and will lead them to do whatever it takes just to get rid of it. However, you do not realize that some action may actually cause more trouble than solving it. Be delicate to your skin instead of aggressively pushing it to the limit. So what are the things that you should avoid when you have acne? What steps need to be taken in order to have flawless mochi skin?

Acne is a skin condition. Anyone at any age can have acne. Teen acne, adult acne, you name it. Acne presents itself in different severities: from the mild, moderate up until the severe types. It is very common to everyone, yet not that easy to manage. And it can be a lifetime commitment to some people - effort, time, and of course, money. But all the effort may still be useless when you continue doing the things that can worsen the acne.

Do not worry. Do not panic. We've got your back!

Let's take note on what you need to avoid when you have acne.

Mistake 1: The excessive amount of topical treatment

The worst feeling in the morning is to wake up with new pimples appearing on your skin. Without wasting any time, you grab your topical treatment to apply to the skin. But, for fast results, you are thinking of spreading more than the recommended amount. Hold up! Don't do that! Do not torture your skin! Yes, although it does shrink acne, most topical treatments can dry up the skin. If you are overusing topical treatment, it will cause further irritation and dryness. Causing you to break out even more!

Mistake 2: The lengthy skincare routine

Who still remembers back when we had the lengthy skincare routine that took forever to finish? And we did it every single day without fail! It's crazy that we actually find time to do that. Besides consuming so much time, this routine is also not recommended for people dealing with acne. Some mixed ingredients can irritate the skin or clog the pores. So, go for a minimalist skincare routine with a shorter routine, yet, effective enough to treat skin concerns.

Mistake 3: Exfoliate more than usual

The consequence of applying too much spot treatment? You need to deal with dry and flaky skin. Everyone wants that smooth, flawless skin under makeup. Dry patches on the skin will only make your makeup look patchy. So you end up over-exfoliating the skin to remove the flakiness. That is the wrong thing to do. It will damage your skin barrier and cause more skin problems! All you need to do is apply the correct moisturizer to reduce the dryness. Also, only exfoliate two times a week!

Mistake 4: Hands off!

Having acne is already frustrating and acne leaving its mark is even worse. To prevent scarring, avoid picking your acne. Picking the acne can also spread the bacteria to other areas. It's not possible to overcome this addiction by following these simple steps.

  • Use acne patch
  • Keep your hands busy
  • Acne extraction with dermatologist

Mistake 5: Avoid physical exfoliator (Scrubbing)

Physical exfoliator used to be famous. You probably saw them all over the market. It may look satisfying to scrub the skin, remove the dead skin away, and leave that smooth glowing skin. However, if you have acne-prone skin, you need to avoid using facial scrubs at all costs! The scrub does work to exfoliate but, it tends to cause micro-tears on the skin. It will be harmful to the skin as this is the place for bacteria to breed. Besides that, excessive scrubbing action can also inflame your skin and push acne into the deeper layers of your skin.

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