Skincare is the self-care that you need

Skincare is the self-care that you need

Skincare isn't for your skin, it is beyond that. There are many benefits of performing your skincare routine. One of them is to make your skincare routine a self-care. Reward yourself with the best skin care product and spend quality time with yourself for a better quality of life. So how to do self-care with skincare? It's super easy! Make a home spa for yourself, get beauty sleep, and feed yourself healthy foods. Want to know more about the benefits? Let's continue your reading!

As you are getting older, there are new things, challenges, and obstacles that unexpectedly came to give your life a visit. All of them might get you overwhelmed to the point where the pressure begins to take its toll on your mental health. Your life may not be as easy as before, but one thing for sure is, you need to look after yourself.

Self-care isn't just about going on vacation, buying expensive things, and eating fine dining. A little gesture, a little time spent on yourself, can be self-care too. One of them is performing your skincare on your daily routine! And if you are bored with your daily routine, you can always go for the extra care once a week.

So how to do self-care with skincare?

1. Bring the spa to your home

Have you ever been to a spa? The vibe and atmosphere is superbly relaxing. So here's the idea, why not make your home spa? Put on some relaxing spa music, and grab your DIY spa kits like the cleansing tool, exfoliator, and your favorite facial mask. Extra - you can use some facial oil to improve blood circulation by massaging your skin. Give it a try! It will be a life-changer.

2. Get that beauty sleep

The cheapest self-care that almost everyone can afford is by having enough sleep! Did you know, the peak hour of cell regeneration is from 11 pm to midnight? Well, the term 'beauty sleep' is not just for nothing. Want to know the best part? There's a study that shows that people who have had enough sleep look more attractive! Because during sleep, your stress hormone decreases, and your cell regeneration increases. So this is the time for your skin repairs any damage and creates a new skin.

3. Feed your tummy with healthy food

You are what you eat. Whatever you feed yourself inside can also affect your skin. It does not mean you need to swear off the sweet things. Instead, let's take it moderately. Increase the intake of healthy foods or take vitamin supplements. By staying active and eating a balanced, healthy diet, you will help your skin look and feel its best!

The benefits of giving yourself a self-care

1. Better skin for better mental health

Some people struggle with mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. Even though self-care is not the cure, performing self-care can be a comfortable space when their illnesses hit hard. A simple skincare routine like cleansing and moisturizing your face can be comforting. And if you feel like doing something productive, let's have a date with your favorite skincare booster! Doing something nice for yourself can actually help you go through your bad day.

2. Soothing and comforting feeling ever

Slather that cream, massage that face, and the smoothness of the facial mask would surely will give you the best calming sensation after a tiring week.

“The more a routine it becomes, the less stress it becomes. In the process, you also look better” 

Spending time with yourself is almost like a meditation. It is because you’re usually alone, in your bathroom, or somewhere in a quiet zone, and just you, your skin care product, and the mirror. So enjoy every bit of it!

3. Boost your confidence through out the day

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence! So after finding the perfect skincare product for your skin, your skin will be at its best. And there goes your confidence level, all the way up! Taking good care of your skin can also improve your feelings of self-worth when you find yourself drowning in negativity. So, let's stay in power, give you that sense of achievement you need, and nothing can stop you now.


Even after you have been through a busy day, you can not neglect your skincare routine if you want your skin to look better. In fact, spending a little time for yourself can actually release the tension after a tiring day. So let NIHON skin accompany you with your self-care ritual! NIHON Mochi Skin set contains ingredients like Retinol, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Arbutin, and Vitamin C that can reduce the appearance of acne, acne scars and brighten up your skin. You will obtain peace of mind and, the flawless mochi skin is yours!

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