How to Reduce Breakout & Pigmentation Effectively

The Real Secret to Japanese Mochi Skin 

It can be very difficult to always have breakouts & painful sensitive skin even when you have tried so many products. 

You try and try so many things but nothing works. This is not your fault as many companies are using very harsh ingredients and there is not much information out there specifically to help with sensitive, dry, oily & combination skin types. 


1. Why Our Skin Breakout & Get Pigmentation 

Conditions like acne breakouts, blackheads, melasma & pigmentation are all different but are all caused by similar causes: 

  • Hormones 

This can be due to any lifestyle factors or can be an age factor as well. 

Due to a rise or lowering in the levels of different types of hormones, our bodies will react accordingly - leading to conditions like higher melanin production (causing pigmentation & dark spots) & higher sebum production or sensitive skin (causing breakouts)

  • Pollution & Harmful UV Rays 

In our modern environment, there are a million different toxins constantly floating around in the air and all around us. This is worse if you are living in the city. 

There are many pollutants & toxins that can affect your skin to be more sensitive & react. 

Another factor is our earth's global climate. Especially in tropical country like Malaysia which is known for being very sunny all year round. The sun ray can directly cause an increase in melanin which can cause hyperpigmentation & uneven skin tone as well. 

  • Damage or Injury to Skin 

One last factor is any direct injury or inflammation to our skin. 

One cause for this is harsh ingredients contained in commercial skincare ingredients that you find in pharmacies or supermarkets. These are the very “big brands” that often advertise with expensive marketing. 

This is another major factor other than harmful UV sun rays & pollution. These are ingredients like synthetic fragrance, petroleum, paraffin, parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES) & silicones. 


2. Secret to Beautiful. Flawless Japanese Mochi Skin


Most “skin brightening” products are using dangerous ingredients like Mercury & steroids. 

There are actually many natural ingredients available for skin brightening no matter your skin type. With our passion, we found a way to produce Ministry of Health approved, safe, medical grade skin brightening products, we began our research into the root of Japanese "Mochi" skin

With NIHON Skin Products, they are : 

✅ Safe 

✅ Dermatologist Recommended 

✅ Registered with the Ministry Of Health, Malaysia (KKM)

✅ No Banned Ingredients 


3. How do these products work? 

So what is the way these natural ingredients make it possible to have a soft & supple Japanese mochi skin?  

  • Boost Skin Cell Turnover 
  • Keep Constant Hydration For The Inner & Outer Dermal Layer 
  • Support Antioxidants Function 
  • Rejuvenate Skin Cells (‘glowing’ or brightening effect) 
  • Naturally Enhance Skin Regeneration & Healing Capability 

There are generally two things that are most important for this - having a healthy skin & reducing skin pigmentation naturally. 


Having a healthy skin: 

For making sure your skin is always in pristine condition & tip-top skin health, we recommend using our gentle & highly effective Soothing Facial Cleanser & moisturizing Night Repair Creme


Soothing Facial Cleanser - Removes impurities & excess sebum, provides a deep & gentle cleansing that relaxes & soothes your skin. 


Night Repair Creme - Perfect for sun damaged or sensitive skin. Apply before bedtime for a nourishing, deep repair & replenishing of your skin cells for a whiter, supple complexion next morning 

How to reduce pigmentation naturally: 

To help your skin reach the gorgeous & smooth skin texture with a glowing appearance is to consistently reduce any excess pigmentation or discoloration naturally. For this, we recommend our Brightening Body Creme & Brightening Face Creme


Brightening Face Creme - Lightweight daily moisturizer containing Retinol, Kojic Acid, Pearl Powder and Arbutin for brightening (evening out skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation) & significantly reduce signs of aging


Brightening Body Creme - Giving you pleasurable, mochi soft skin by nurturing the skin all over your body for a firm, plump and younger texture. 

Welcome to your very first order of medical grade, effective Japanese skincare product here at!

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