Beat that acne and be confident!

Beat that acne and be confident!

Dealing with acne-prone skin is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes your skin is at its best, and sometimes it gets angry and bursts everything from the inside. The worst part is when you already spend hundreds to thousands on skincare products, but your skin still looks the same. It is undoubtedly frustrating!

What is acne, exactly? Why is it so hard to diminish?

Acne is a skin condition, and it is normal to have acne. But one thing you need to remember, even if you are on acne treatment, it may not remove all acne permanently; it does help to control and reduce the appearance of acne. But if your acne problem is getting severe, please seek professional help. 

So, in order to adapt this to your life, let's make acne-prone skin a journey like a weight loss journey or anything that requires a lifetime commitment. Most importantly, you should enjoy the acne skin journey!

In a journey to get that beautiful skin, first thing first, you have to be confident in yourself!

To have confidence in your acne-prone skin is not something easy to do. But you can try these tips that might help.

1. Stop caring what other people think

The number one formula to being happy is to stop paying attention to what other people say about you! No matter what you do, people will always comment and critique. At the end of the day, it is your skin, not theirs, so be it.

Action: Do NOT let anyone else opinion influence how you feel about yourself. Surround yourself with loving, caring people who want the best for you.

2. Wear something that makes you feel good

Studies show that wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself can increase your confidence. It is vital to be yourself and wear something that represents you. 

Action: Avoid blindly following the trend and going with something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Once you feel good about yourself, nothing can stop you, even when you have acne skin!

3. Focus on self-love

You need to love yourself first before anyone else! Once you have enough self-love, you can achieve self-acceptance (in which you are ready to accept your flaws). There are many ways to show yourself some love, such as pampering your skin with facial masks and hair treatments, painting your nails, treating yourself with good food or even a good rest.

Action: Try self-pampering at least 2-3 times a month, and you will see yourself glow differently!

4. Surround yourself with positive people

Positive energy helps a lot with your confidence level. Being around judgemental people with a negative vibe will make you feel down. Instead, positive people will always encourage and support whatever you do and accept you for who you are.

Action: Cut down the unwanted negativity, and you will notice a huge changes in your life.

5. Spend less time on social media

Social media can be a good place and can be toxic as well. Seeing the staged-up pretty girls with flawless skin can make you feel insecure. If it bothers you to the point that it affects your self-esteem, take a break from social media for little a while.

Don't forget, not everything you see on social media is true.

6. Embrace the flaw

People deal with insecurities differently. If you are only confident by wearing makeup, go for it! Believe it or not, not everyone cares about your acne skin. Most people are too focused on their matters and do not notice that much of your acne issues. 

Developing a skincare routine that works to help minimize the appearance of acne and maintain healthy skin comes hand in hand with rebuilding self-love and self-confidence in your journey to tackle acne-prone skin.


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