Avoid these food if you are dealing with acne!

Avoid these food if you are dealing with acne!

Skincare routine, CHECK..! Facial treatment, CHECK..! Supplement for acne, CHECK..!

After all the efforts, time, and money, you still need to deal with acne repeatedly. Why is this happening?! One thing you missed is your diet and food intake. Believe it or not, some food can trigger your acne!

Having flawless skin is not about having the best skin care products, the 10-steps of skincare routine, or the most expensive facial treatment. It is not just from the outside. Instead, taking care of your insides is crucial by feeding yourself healthy food and avoiding foods that can trigger acne.

So, what foods should you avoid to prevent yourself from getting acne?


  1. Dairy products


Besides lactose intolerance, what is the worst thing that milk can do? It can cause your skin to break out! Dairy products can manipulate hormones, both estrogen, and testosterone. Naturally, both of these hormones stay in perfect balance, but when they get out of whack, that is when acne starts to form. An increase in the Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) will also increase the skin inflammation level. Thus, more sebum produces and causes more acne.


  1. Refined sugar


Who doesn't love sugary foods? They are undoubtedly delicious and addictive. But do you know, refined sugar increases the sebum level in your skin! Sebum is a vital element in your skin that helps to transport nutrients, but sometimes it gets out of hand and starts to overproduce. Apart from carrying nutrients, sebum also acts as food to feed the P.acne bacteria, which are the bacteria that causes acne. So, when you consume too much sugar, it also involves a Nova lipid genesis that creates triglyceride fatty acid from sebum. Thus, triggering more sebum production. 


  1. Fast food


Most of us love fast food so much. Besides making it a quick alternative to getting your food, it gives addictive pleasure by delivering a flavourful taste. Consuming too much fast food will affect your diet and lead to more acne on the face. Do you know why? Acne is strongly associated with a diet rich in calories, fat, and refined carbohydrates. One study shows that those eating high-fat foods are regularly associated with a 43% increased risk of developing acne.


Even if your diet does not directly increase the risk developing acne but taking in a frequent amount ot fast food may affect gene expression and alter hormone levels that promote acne development.

So, what are the healthy alternatives? What type of food should you eat regularly to control your acne behavior?


  1.  Variety of veggies

Vegetables can help to clear the skin. They are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Of course, vitamins are packed with benefits. Don't be scared of vegetables. It's not bad at all for you. Eat veggies like carrot, tomato, and broccoli every day to protect the skin from free radicals, promote healthy skin cell production, and prevent acne and scarring.


  1. The berry family


Who doesn't love berry? It perfectly suits almost all types of desserts. You can also make it a healthier alternative by putting in your smoothie, oatmeal, or yogurt. Berries like strawberry, raspberry, or cranberry are high in antioxidants that help to give the young and healthy-looking skin. It's a good anti-inflammatory too.


  1. Tea for beauty


The consumption of tea for skin was practiced many years ago by our ancestors. If you want a simple and cheaper beauty tea, you can always go with green tea, spearmint tea, or oolong tea. Tea is proven to protect the skin from sun damage and prevent wrinkles. Moreover, spearmint tea can help reduce the androgen - hormone that causes acne.


Get more information on food that causes acne by watching this video



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