5 Skincare Myths that you shouldn't believe!

5 Skincare Myths that you shouldn't believe!

The skincare industry has expanded rapidly with more product evolution invented by various competitive skincare brands. The same goes for beauty content on social media platforms. The golden rule is before you absorb any pieces of information that you saw on the internet, make sure to do a fact check first! Not all skin care tips are accurate, and some of them are created by those with limited scientific knowledge. Dear friends, it's time to clear the air and take some of these myths down for a better future.

Are you ready for the tea-spilling session? Let's get deeper into this!

#Myth1 Oily skin doesn't need a moisturizer.

Ridiculous fact! Moisturizer is for everyone, including people with oily skin. There is no evidence stating that you need to ditch a moisturizer to avoid the oiliness. Scientifically, an optimum hydration level is vital in controlling sebum production because dehydrated skin tends to produce more sebum. If you are dealing with oily skin, you can choose either a gel-based or a cream-based moisturizer, as long as it doesn't clog pores. Bonus tips? Look for ingredients like Retinol to help shrink the sebaceous gland and reduce the oiliness.

#Myth2 You don't need to wear sunscreen indoors/on a cloudy day.

Sunscreen isn't just for a beach day, sports activities, or brisk walking at the park. If you want to age like a vampire, make some effort! Wear sunscreen religiously during the daytime at home or on a gloomy day unless you are in a windowless room. The sun might be hiding behind the clouds, but it doesn't mean the presence of UVA and UVB rays is gone. UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn skin. It is most likely to cause skin cancer too. So, nobody wants to risk their lives over deadly diseases. UVA has a longer wavelength which can disrupt the skin collagen and cause skin aging. The percentage of 95% is enough to penetrate through the window. Let's play safe by wearing sunscreen every 3-4 hours daily.

#Myth3 Your long-term skincare products will eventually stop working on you.

Even your body has that complex immunity and defense system, but here is the thing, your skin does not work the same way. Your skin does not become immune to skincare products after using them for a certain period. They don’t just decide one day that they aren’t going to perform their function anymore. It is because there is no direct mechanism for your skin to build up immunity to the effects of the products. When you apply a product to your skin, it will absorb into your skin, and the skin receptor will go to work immediately to perform its function as long as the product is not over the expiry date.

#Myth4 You need to use a cupboard of skincare products to get good skin.

The more product you use, the better your skin is. Well, that is a very wrong hypothesis! It is fun and tempting to watch people slathering multiple skincare products on their faces with complicated beauty routine steps that take forever to finish. I feel sorry to turn you down, but it is not for everyone. It's a big no-no for acne-prone skin. Always keep your skincare routine as simple as possible. Although hydration is crucial for all skin types, over-hydrating can cause pore-clogging to acne-prone or oily skin. It is not about how long your skincare routine needs to be, but the most important thing is to use the right product on your skin. So remember, be moderate!

#Myth5 You can cleanse your face as much as you want.

The excessive amount of sebum can be annoying. It is the most satisfying feeling to wash all the specks of dirt and oil trapped on your face all day. But watch out for overwashing your face! Excessive friction on the skin and over-washing can also contribute to a damaged skin barrier! When you overwash your skin, you are getting rid of the natural sebum. You are throwing away that well-balanced sebum and compromising your skin barrier. Thus, it can lead to skin irritation and sensitivity. The best time to cleanse your face is during the daytime and before bed. So, stick to the cleansing habit twice a day.

PS: Are you someone who gets sweat fast? Then, you have to cleanse your face after sweating. It helps to relieve your skin from clogged pores and irritation.


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