Discover Your Skin Type in Just 5 Questions: Take Our Quiz Now!

Discover Your Skin Type in Just 5 Questions: Take Our Quiz Now!

Are you tired of guessing what skin type you have? Do you want to know how to properly care for your skin and achieve a radiant complexion? Look no further! We've got a skin type quiz that will help you determine your skin type with just five simple questions.

Whether you have dry, oily, normal, combination, or sensitive skin, this quiz will guide you towards the best skincare routine for your unique needs. Get ready to unlock the secrets of your skin and achieve the flawless complexion you've always dreamed of!

Which of the following best describes the texture of your skin?

a) Tight and dry

b) Smooth and soft

c) Oily and shiny

d) Rough and bumpy

How does your skin feel after cleansing?

a) Tight and dry

b) Comfortable and balanced

c) Oily and greasy

d) Rough and irritated

What is your skin's reaction to the sun?

a) Easily burns and never tans

b) Burns occasionally and tans slowly

c) Rarely burns and tans easily

d) Never burns and always tans easily

How often do you experience breakouts or acne?

a) Rarely or never

b) Occasionally

c) Frequently

d) Constantly

How does your skin react to certain skincare products or cosmetics?

a) Easily irritated and sensitive

b) Tolerates most products without issue

c) Becomes even more oily or shiny

d) Easily breakout


    Based on your answers, tally up your results and determine your skin type:


    1. If you answered mostly (a), you likely have dry or sensitive skin.

    Use NIHON Hydration Care Kit if you have dry and sensitive skin. It contains 3 basic skincare products that will help to prevent your skin from drying, while providing your skin with the optimum amount of hydration.

    2. If you answered mostly (b), you likely have normal skin.

    NIHON Pro Aging Care Kit is perfectly curated for those who desire to maintain skin youthfulness. With the advanced Pro Aging elements that target all ages, you can now have together the anti-ageing properties and also reduce the sign of ageing.

    3. If you answered mostly (c), you likely have oily skin.

    Say goodbye to that shiny and greasy appearance with NIHON Acne Repair Kit. Contain ingredients like Retinol, Niacinamide, and Vitex Oil that are generally good to help control sebum production and minimize the pore appearance.


    4. If you answered mostly (d), you likely have acne-prone skin.

    Acne-prone skin? Don't worry, we got you! Use NIHON Acne Rescue Kit which is specifically formulated to target any types of acne to reduce the appearance, as well as the post-acne mark.