Airless pump technology: The revolution of skincare industry

Airless pump technology: The revolution of skincare industry

The skincare industry has been expanding its revolution with the latest technologies from time to time. One of the innovations is the airless pump. Replacing the tube pump with the rubber elevator pump, and voila! Airless pump! Many skincare brands have been using the airless pump. If you find you open your skincare bottle and it's missing a tube, we'll you might have gotten yourself an airless pump! What is an Airless Pump and what are its benefits? Let's read on! 

What is airless pump technology?

Referring to the word airless, it's the condition in the bottle where there is no air contamination with the product. Revolution from a conventional pump (the one with a tube inside), the airless pump only uses a non-pressurized vacuum evacuation system. It is not a particularly new thing. Founded in the mid-1980, the cosmetic industry was revolutionised with this technology. 

How does it work?

The traditional pump works by sucking the product from the bottle through a tube inside the bottle. Unlike the traditional pump, an airless pump works by using a rubber elevator located at the bottom of the bottle. When pressing the pump, it creates a vacuum. So, the rubber elevator at the bottom of the bottle will move upwards and push out the product through the nozzle, pumping out the product from the top of the bottle. 

The benefits of airless pump

Here are the benefits of Airless Pump

1. Slower product degradation

Preservation is crucial, especially for natural and organic ingredients. Did you know, proper packaging can extend the long life of the products? Airless pump helps to protect the product from oxidation by creating a tight seal, preventing the products from being exposed to the outside elements. Thus, extending the shelf life of the product!

2. Maintain product quality

For skincare founders, it is challenging to provide the best packaging solution that effectively protects the product from outside elements to maintain its quality and efficacy. As the airless pump is double-walled, there will be no contamination from impurities. It will stay hygienic for a longer period of time.

3. Less product leftover

The tube pump usually left a lot of waste at the bottom. And to scoop out the leftover is just so frustrating! But by using the airless pump, the rubber elevator pushed all products to the top. So you can enjoy every drop of the product without wasting any of it!

4. Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional pump bottles, airless pump technology has no plastic straw to draw products out of the bottle. Thus, it is more environmentally friendly. The airless pump also doesn’t produce CFC emissions and can be recycled. For these reasons, they’re much more sustainable for the beauty industry.



Besides having effective ingredients like Retinol, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, and Arbutin, NIHON skincare is produced using airless pump technology to retain the best quality of our products. With the minimalist and luxurious look, it keeps the high standard of our brand. So, you do not need to worry when you spend your money on our products because they will be worth the price.

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Watch more about NIHON airless pump technology in this video


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